Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sewing Lesson

I taught a basic sewing class on Thursday night. I decided I'm not a very good teacher--for a crowd. When all eyes are on me i'm not very good. If I'm just teaching one or two people how to do something I'm much much better, even excellent. I'm just no good at teaching broad big lessons for a group. I did fine, I just don't think it was great. Anyway...we worked on some washcloth bibs and embellished burp clothes for a service project and it was fun and super easy for a project

My handouts:

Embellished Burp clothes

found here


3-ply cloth diapers, prewashed and dried

Scraps of fabrics-- two inches longer than the diaper and two inches wider than the center fold

White thread

Step 1: Cut the bands of fabric to be 2 inches longer than the diaper you are using and 2 inches wider than the center fold.
Step 2: Fold under and steam press each short side so that it's about a 1/4" smaller than the diaper.

Step 3: Repeat this process on the long sides to fit the center fold.

Step 4: Now pin away!

Step 5: Time to Sew:

Set up your sewing machine with white thread and a really small zigzag such as 2 mm wide and 1mm long. If you have a computerized machine set the needle to stop down. If you have a manual setting sewing machine that fine too, don't worry about it, just choose a tiny zigzag and try to stop with your needle down when you are ready to pivot. Sew along the side of the fabric band overlapping the edge with you zigzag. I like to start with a short side. If stretching occurs (and it will), don't hesitate to make tiny folds, once the cloths are washed again those disappear.

Washcloth Bibs

Found HERE


Double Folded Binding (about 27")

Thread to match or coordinate

Step 1: Fold the washcloth in half down the center, and choose which edge will be the top (this washcloth only had one band woven in, so I put that at the bottom). Measure 3" down the fold from the top, and 2" across the edge from the center.

(I actually think this is too deep, so I do 1 or 1.5" down the fold and still do 2" across the edge)

Step 2:
Draw a curve between your two marks.Step 3: Cut along the curve to make the neck opening. Take your binding and fold it in half, lining the center of the binding up with the center of the neck opening.

Step 4: Enclose the cut edge of the washcloth inside the folded binding and line up the centers, pin in place. You may want to pin the binding closed around the neck opening to the edges to be on the safe side. Starting from either end of the binding, sew the open edges of the binding together to make the ties. As you approach the neck opening, slow down and make sure the cut edge of the washcloth is well enclosed. Sew around the neck opening, then sew closed the rest of the length of binding. Trim threads and...Your Done!

Two REALLY EASY Projects! Super Fun end-product...Our pictures from our event later--I'm charging my camera battery :P

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