Monday, January 04, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

We spend Christmas and New Years in Georgia with Scott's parents and family.

Grandma & Grandpa Brown with Luke and his cousin Alexander

The frog sang Christmas songs in ribbits
Luke actually really loved this babydoll that his cousin Maren got

and the mechanical cat. Personally i thought it was a little creepy because it moved when you were least expecting it to
all the kids loved the "self un-wrapping" gift. Down in the basement it was sitting in the middle of the floor wrapped and then with a flick of a switch it unwrapped itself and inflated into a jump-jump! It was cool and the kids loved it (though it took a while for Luke to warm up to it)

We spent the rest of the day playing games and playing with our toys ;)

Christmas was great. Scott got a GPS, silver coins (an investment), and a rifle. I got a Cricut Expression!!!!!!!! Hello awesomeness!! It's pretty much a crafting DREAM come true. I can do SO much now. We got some other things like books, games (Blokus), a voucher for a trip to Harry Potter World at Universal studios (it opens this spring sometime so we will probably be joining everyone this summer and going sometime). We got these really cute personalized address labels with little heads for each of us on it.
Scott got me a popcorn maker and a little vacuum so i can clean up Luke's messes easily. He also got me faux diamond stud earrings (7mm = huge), bubble bath, smelly lotion, a book of recipes (quick, cheap meals) a Jack Johnson guitar book.
Luke got a power wheels car, an Elmo, a pop-up tent and tunnels, books, lots of monster truck hotwheels and a bunch of cute clothes. And then Scott and I got him a bunch of toys to keep him busy because before Christmas he was totally bored and didn't really have anything to play with. I could see that there is actually a cause to buy your kid some toys once in a while. They need things to do when they've run out of things to find to do on their own (like dumping out the coin jar or emptying the cupboards).

it twas a very merry Christmas!


  1. I LOVE that pictures of Bill and Brenda and our boys! I don't remember it being taken. Rock on. :-)

  2. Thank You again !!! for making all the effort and sharing this Christmas with us. We Love you guys so much! You make our Holidays so great!


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