Thursday, January 07, 2010

Better Late than Never

I just wanted to put up the pictures of all my Christmas decor this year.
(sorry they are so dark, i didn't feel like editing them)

I took it all down yesterday, finally.

Now my living room looks plain and boring. looks like I have some work to do in there still.

(my punishment for waiting so long to take the pictures. It died because we turned our thermostat down to 40 while we were gone)

(my jingle bell snowflake got mutilated by Luke)

the end.


  1. loooove your decorations. i wish i would have seen this before christmas as i would have COPIED you :) oh, my christmas tree is STILL up... :/ i've really got to take that down

  2. I really the like updated pictures you have on your Blog! The are Great!


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