Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

For Thanksgiving, we went up to Scott's Grandparent's lodge in Altonah UT. Luke did really well in the car on the way there--he was perfectly fine reading books and eating his snacks and then fell asleep for the last hour. He didn't do as well on the way back we had to bribe him with suckers and he still kept signing (asking) to be picked up.

We had a great big dinner and then Grandpa Brown taught us about handguns and we practiced shooting them. (Grandma Brown had a great time inside playing with Luke and he was good for her for an hour and a half!!) Alison and I did really good shooting one of the guns and we came really close to the bullseye. Scott and Anthony did well too--Scott hit the bullseye on his second to last shot of the day.

Alison's and my best target

Overall, I'm not much a Thanksgiving fan, but it was a good holiday and the best part was that Scott was with me for 4 whole days before he had to go back to work on Monday. We like long weekends. REALLY looking forward to our nice long Christmas vacation in Georgia this year.


  1. we'll be in georgia too!

  2. Katie, I really enjoyed the write up, so glad y'all got see the great grandparents.
    Hey, just thought I would make you jealous, I am down here in the Deep South, in Florida, and it is 78 degrees, in shorts and a tea shirt.

  3. Nice shot!

    So happy you enjoyed your holidays!

    This time I typed "bodicity." Almost sounds dirty =p


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