Friday, December 04, 2009

a family photo

with the help of my sister, Jen, and some major photo editing, we managed to get a decent picture. Swapping of heads was definitely neccessary--Luke only looked at the camera in TWO pictures and one of those he was waving one of his hands wildly. We'll have to try to get some more at Christmas, but this will do for now--especially just for wallet sized pictures going in Christmas cards.


  1. I love it! Where did you get your headband?

  2. What a great picture! The headband looks great!

  3. Great Photo of the Family, It appears all of you are so photogenic.

  4. Great pic!

    Hey, photoshop is the only way to go now. Even w/ 5 adults and 1 teenager we still utilize photoshop. We've got Christmas card pics from when we were little kids and our legs or arms are all blurry because we never stopped moving.


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