Wednesday, November 18, 2009

17 Months

Yesterday Luke turned 16 months. Only 2 more months until we get to ditch him in Nursery at church!! Can't wait.

Lukes Favorite things these days:
  • Asking to talk on the phone, and babbling into it
  • Eating. Lots of snacks. He loves that there is a little snack container attached to his carseat and he doesn't mind helping himself to whatever is in there.
  • Bathtime is a favorite time again. He has to have ALL the toys in the tub with him. If you take one out he will stand up and put it back in. This goes for any washclothes or bottles nearby as well.
  • Books. Always, lots and lots and lots of books. He likes going to the library too. They have big bean bag chairs to play on and read on, and a huge shelf of board books. We go there out of neccesity because we read books before naptime and bedtime and we get really tired of reading the same books in his collection over and over. Scott and I have more than just a few of them memorized.
  • Block towers. Knocking them down of course. He also likes transferring blocks from one box or container to another.

Luke's saying a few words these days, most other talking sounds Chinese. He says Dadda or A-da, quack-quack (kack-kack), no (shakes his head at the same time which is hilarious), oh no, and very seldom momma. ( I think he kinda says shoes, cracker, block and snack too, but only I can really tell that that is what he is saying).

Luke is signing like crazy. I'll admit when I first started signing with Luke he was about 10 months old and I didn't think he'd ever sign back to me. Now I can happily say that he is signing more and more every day and it's the most wonderful thing!

I h.a.t.e being whined at so I love it when he comes up to me signing something instead of whining! It definitely cuts down on the tantrums as well because he can tell us what he needs and wants---
Luke now knows around 10 signs and we're learning new ones faster each week!

Drink, More, Snack, Bath, Hungry, Up, Down, All done, Phone, Hat

...We're working on one or two more, but I'm very pleased that his learning signs has picked up in the last month. He went from just 2 or 3 signs to this whole list. It's awesome. You should try it.

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