Friday, October 16, 2009

i suck.

at blogging this week.

I have a list of things to do and I got wrapped up in a bunch of home improvement projects and just didn't get the blogging done like i was gonna. But to make up for it I have some pictures of the projects I have been working on!


My sister gave me her 3 barstools and I GLADLY took them because I've always loved them. I recovered the seats with the huge bolt of red-orange vinyl-ish material that I got at a yard sale ($5 for the whole bolt plus a TON of wood for various projects). The seats were a gray tweed, but there were rips in the side from heavy use. But the orange looks AWESOME in my kitchen, so even without the tears I would have recovered them anyway.

I spray painted them to just touch them up a bit. Actually I only spray painted 1 of them. Eventually I'll go back and do the other two, but they really don't need it so I can put it off til whenever I feel like it.

I LOVE how they turned out!!

I can't wait until I paint the kitchen and then it will be totally complete.

NeXt...The Entry

So without telling Scott, I went and bought primer, paint and all the suppies we were lacking, and I taped and primed the walls while he was at Scuba class til 11pm. Surprise!! He helped me paint the walls the chosen color (butter toffee or something) the next night. Yay for a color on the walls!!!
sidenote: Can i just say that darn ladder took me 20 minutes to hall in and set up? Jeez.

In addition to the walls being painted a color, I plan to paint a big tree on the wall and then "hang" black picture frames with family pictures up for like a huge family tree mural kind of thing. The wall needs some touch-up first so it might be a few weeks before I get painting it with our vacation and stuff coming up.

For the space behind the front door, I made a cushion for this bench and I stained a sweet shelf to hang up. I still have to work on the shelf--maybe stain it a bit darker and then glossy it up. And I have to get Scott to help me hang it, so this area needs just a bit more work and then I will get the finished pictures up. It's nice to have more than just a rug in that entire space now.

Well that's all i got. I need to take more pictures of Luke--I've been slacking lately.
Love to all! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'm off to find a receipt and go have lunch with my hubby!


  1. The bar stools look so cute. Excellent!

  2. You are amazing! Those projects are awesome and your stools rock!

  3. You have so many talents, can’t wait to see this someday. Keep up the good work. Give Luke a big hug for us.

    Love you guys!

    PS we are so excited for Nov 1st

  4. Greg wants the stools back. I don't think he's kidding. I told him I don't think you'll give them up. They look really, really awesome! You did a great job!

  5. Oh... and hello! Nice entry! Brilliant repurposing of the bench! But... you must state the exact name of your paint color. It's a home improvement post requirement.

  6. I love it all! Yellow wall, cute barstools, love the bench. Okay, I am coming over this week.


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