Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Projects

Sometimes you just get an itch to craft. or paint. or sew.
And this is what came from all my scratchin.

I painted these and mod-podged cute paper on the front.
They go in my craft room to put scraps of ribbon and paper in
They used to be just plain boring wood. Got them at a yard sale for 5 cents (for both). yeah.

And I made a bunch of bookmarks

And I finally hung this canvas painting up on the wall--
this is obviously not a picture of it on the wall, but just of the painting :)

I painted these letters for Luke's room--just need a clear coat.

I painted a rock to match a rock a painted a long time ago.
I have a whole bag of flat rocks to paint.

I am currently making this blanket for Luke's bed--I just have to sew all the layers together

I made this ugly little brown curtain for the upstairs bath in like 10 minutes. I didn't even bother to change the thread in the machine---which was blue.

And I had painted this little ceramic bug, but Luke got into my craft room one afternoon and decided my little bug looked like a tasty treat. I hadn't noticed what he was munching on (he's always chewing on something--pens, wooden spoons, toys, etc) until it was far too late. As you can see he is missing most of his right eye. So sadly this bug must go in the trash :(
Apparently Luke is a lot taller than I think he is because this guy was on the table in there--which used to be unreachable.


  1. I envy your creative skills.

  2. these crafts are AMAZING!! you go girl!

  3. didn't you paint that first rock circa 1998

    i didn't think a ceramic bug would make a tasty chew toy. funny kid.


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