Sunday, September 06, 2009's Later... OH pics continued... Farm Park

here's more pictures, as promised. I'll have even more later.

The Farm Park

Uncle Andrew trying to get Luke to pet the sheep

The chickens--and TURKEY--just wandered around

not a happy cowboy--he had tripped on the cement shortly before this.

an extra horn? wierd.

They have a little presentation on cows--what they eat, drink, and how much and then the kids can come up and milk them.

It's a very cute place for kids. I wish we had one like it here in UT.
(the Farm at Thanksgiving Point is close--but this is more educational and they do more demonstrations and such than at Thanksgiving Point)

What Luke did with all the animals--get semi-close like he was going to pet them and then giggle or squeal and try to get away and hide! It was so funny!

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