Friday, July 10, 2009

Oi. July

How can it be that it's already July 10th and i haven't posted yet this month? I guess sometimes we just need a bloggin break.

Lukebaby is keeping me busy lately. He turns 1 in a week!! As much as I'd love to have a big bash for him, we'll be keeping it simple & celebrating with family who live nearby. I seriously can't wait to let him his cake. He will L.O.V.E it. Don't worry I'll have our video camera handy for all the sweet baby-cake action :)

In other Lukie news---he's well on his way to walking! If he is highly motivated to get the object in your hand he will walk 3 steps, wobble and walk 3 more before falling into you. It's the cutest thing ever! He's pretty wobbly and gets all rubber-legs on you if you try to make him stand when he doesn't want to---but he is taking a step or 2 on his own from couch to couch or from couch to chair. He's really fast at creeping and doesn't even hold on half the time. He likes to look at his feet when he walks which is part of the problem. But give it a couple more weeks and I'm sure he's going to be walking all over the place!

For the rest of the July happenings I'm going to blog about everything, but I'm going to date them on the day it happened for journaling purposes. So--yeah....just FYI. it might get confusing.


  1. Thanks for the update, its awesome Luke is taking a few steps, wish we were there to experience it. We have missed hearing from you and hope everything is good with you guys.

  2. David is doing the same thing. I can't believe that they are both going to be one soon! And to think a year ago this time we were about ready to explode!


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