Sunday, July 19, 2009

Luke's Birthday Party!

First--this is the shirt I made for Luke. Don't look too closely because it was my first attempt at applique and it was much more difficult that I thought it was going to be.

And here's Luke wearing it
yes he is holding a toothbrush :)

At Noon on Saturday we had a little family get together in celebration of Luke's Birthday! Jen (my sister) & Greg and their 3 boys came, Al came (Steph was there in spirit :) Derek and Darcy (Scott's brother and sister) also were able to come.

We just had lunch & cupcakes and were entertained watching Luke open his presents and devour his entire cake.

There were presents to open

Luke loved the tissue paper. He pulled it out and threw it up in the air.

Funny Story: One of the gift bags had a book in it from us and Luke took it out and promptly threw it behind him and went for another giftbag.

And then there was cake.

First he just took a poke at it

Then he realized it tasted pretty good and took a nice big bite

It didn't take long for him to destroy and devour

And yes. He ate it ALL.

He also thoroughly enjoyed the bath I gave him afterward

Cousin Shot: Jack holding Luke & Charlie holding Isaac

Luke got cars for a present--he tried to carry them all at once

Luke got 2 fun toys from us as well as 5 new cars & trucks to enjoy (pictures later), a cute outfit from Darcy, and some new books & DVDs from his Grandma & Grandpa Brown. He has a few more presents coming his way too.

Luke took a nice LONG nap after his party ended!

Also to note-- Hubby bought me flowers for Luke's birthday (on the 17th) because it's a bigger thing for me than it is for Luke to turn one. Thanks, Hubby for making me feel special too.



  1. What a memorable 1st Birthday. It looks like Luke really liked that cup cake. The Pictures are great as usual. Wish we could have been there as well.

  2. That is such a cute shirt! good job!!!! i love the cake action.

  3. I am impressed with your applique skills. Way to go! And your house looks great. Happy Birthday Luke!


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