Friday, June 05, 2009

My B-day ...

My day was pretty simple--made eggs for me and Luke for breakfast, went on a run, lazed around, did some dishes, went on a pretend shopping spree online, and enjoyed every minute that it was overcast outside. I also worked on my cake while Luke took naps. (His present to mommy was an 1.5 hour nap in the morning and then another from 12:50-3 when he played quietly for an hour before going to sleep for another hour!) And sprinkled inbetween all that I read emails, comments, and talked on the phone. I got lots of lovely comments on my birthday post, my Facebook wall, emails and cards in the mail. And my fully charged cell phone was near dead by the end of the day (usually it takes an entire week to kill it!) All of those things is what made my day pretty good so thanks!!

My cake--Scott made me the cake the night before, but I wanted to decorate it--so I did.
Before--lemon cake

During--white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Still During... yellow sprinkles

After--I piped little stars around the edges and dotted out my "23". It looked slightly off balance so I added the smiley face to make it look like i did it on purpose.

And Devoured.

We invited some siblings over to help eat all the cake--My brother Al & his wife, Steph and then Darcy (and 2 of her friends) and Derek came also. My sister couldn't make it last night, but we have plans to go to breakfast and do some shoppin tomorrow morning which is even better.

Scott brought me home some lovely flowers

And he got me a really sweet card

and best of all...
THIS which made me laugh out loud

Apparently the big picture of the sewing machine itself didn't actually print onto the paper, so he just wrote that. So it actually hasn't come yet, but I'm VERY excited about it.
Here's a link to it

My mom also sent me a great card (it was perfect, mom) w/some b-day $$
(which will probably go to new shoes)

And this awesome Aebleskiver pan!

I posted about this recipe on my other blog, but I'm super excited because now I can make my own!

My 23rd birthday was great! Thanks Everybody!


  1. Glad you had a great birthday! Can't believe how many stitches that sewing machine has.

  2. Happy 23rd Birthday! That cake looked so GOOD I want the last piece!


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