Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Yard

I think I promised pictures of all this a while ago...but here they are!

For my birthday Scott's parents got me flowers and such for my garden & flowerbeds! Perfecto! I got them all planted:

Front Bed Before

Front Bed After
2 Columbine (yellow ones) 4 hydrangea bushes and lots of impatiens that should bush out and get nice and big once the fertilizing kicks in.

Needs just a few more in some places, I still have a bunch I haven't planted--thinking about a window box of Impatiens under the window.

Plus the flowerpots by the front door

Back Yard Bed Before

Back Yard Bed After

Back Yard Bed now...sadly some are not doing so well & will probably be returning to the store :(

But on a happier note, the backyard is well underway now!

Working on it a few weeks ago--Scott's parents came and did a LOT (thanks!):

The dirt was delivered and had to be wheelbarrow-ed into the backyard--it was very very tall!

And now...with lots of watering (sometimes 4 times a day) plus a few days of rain...

It's always such a relief to see it start to grow and know that we didn't kill it all.

And by the way, the weeds are starting to die and the front yard is filling in nicely

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  1. Looking good! We are about to plant grass in our backyard...looks like a lot of work!


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