Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why, It's a Horse, of course!

I often see flashing lights outside our back windows--usually a cop who has pulled over a speeding car--
So when I came home the other night and saw them it didn't really phase me until I looked a little closer...

There was a, 2 horses!, 7 horses! And there were a bunch of cars with their headlights and hazard lights on corralling them in one spot!

Apparently they got out of an open gate at a farm down the road. There are actually lots of farms with cows and horses and other animals around here--it's one of the things I like about Lehi--mixing the old with the new. It will be fun to point out the animals to Luke when he is a little older. was quite the sight to see. The people in the cars surrounding them stuck around for an hour and a half after I came home and first saw them--I don't know how long they'd already been there, but I admire them for sticking it out to make sure the animals got saftely returned. The police and the farmer with a horse trailer came to retrieve the animals and get them all home.

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