Monday, April 06, 2009

Sad to Leave, But it's Good to be HOME.

We L-O-V-E-D our trip to Georgia! We were very sad to leave but had a great time while we were there and wished we could have stayed longer.

We have a baZiLLioN pictures from our trip, the wedding, and a bunch of other fun shots, but here's some good ones from what I have on my camera:

It is VERY difficult to get even just ONE good picture with this bunch!!

A good picture of me with Luke---I'm usually behind the camera so it's nice to be in a picture once in a while!

Luke LOVED spending time with Grandpa Brown! I loved it too because i could actually relax and not worry about him!

He liked Grandma Brown too--here's a cute shot

The baby bunnnies! Bill & Brenda borrowed some bunnies to take cute Easter pictures of the grandkids. It was pretty easy to catch them if they ran off because they were just babies, but they definitely kept us on our toes.

COUSINS!! Luke finally got to spend some time with all his Brown Family cousins!
The first time seeing each other. Maren, Alexander and Luke.

Here he is hanging out with Karlie

Alexander and Luke sharing a toy! They actually passed it back and forth--it was so cute!

Maren and Luke loved playing with these balls.

Luke loves to find new toys to play with--there was a whole box of new things to get into in GA.

I have TONS more...but this should be good to hold you over for a day or so : )
More to come...


  1. I'm so glad you got pictures. I love the one of Alexander and Luke together. They are so cute.

  2. What a fun idea to borrow baby bunnies!

  3. What awesome pictures, these are great. But what the very best of all is the memories that it brings back while you guys are here. We so much enjoyed having you guys with us. It was wonderful getting to really know Luke; it will always have a special place in my heart, as do all of the grandkids.

    Thank you again so much for coming and spending a little time with us, you will never know how much that means to us.

    Proud Grandpa

  4. I love Luke eating that ball. I'm glad you had fun and he got to play with the cousins!!!

  5. That's so great that Luke will have cousins that are around his age. You got some very cute shots with the grandparents!


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