Monday, April 20, 2009

Luke is 9 months old

April 17, 2009
Luke is 9 months old!!!


Started using a cheesy smile

Had his first 2 really bad colds--back to back! Hates getting his nose wiped. We saw lots of lovely snot bubbles.

Is perfectly happy with a domino and/or a pen in each hand. He will carry them everywhere.

Prefers standing up to sitting down. And is now creeping along furniture and practicing balancing on his knees.

Luke eats a lot of baby food. Loves feeding himself snacks even more

Luke went on his 2nd airplane trip--didn't sleep through this one though. Not.a.chance.

Met all his cousins in Georgia.

He also enjoyed his time with Grandma & Grandpa Brown

and all the new toys to play with

And in Georgia, he had his first experience with furry animals

Luke gets excited for bath time. He gets excited when he sees the towel I get before I carry him to the bath and after bath time he loves watching & listening to the water drain.

Luke turns the pages of the book during bedtime stories. We also have taught him how to
turn off the light switch when asked.

He likes watching out the window when daddy is working outside

his toy collection is growing

He loves this squishy ball

He loves watching the games Daddy plays on the XBOX.

He especially loves when (anybody) feeds him snacks & food.
(This is his cousin, Jack (my side))

He has a hard time keeping his pants on.

We will find out how much he weighs on the 27th.

He often gets tangled up in bubblewrap

Had a great Easter with Grandma & Grandpa Harris

He also cut his 3rd tooth (1st on top) around Easter--although it didn't seem nearly as bad this time so that leaves me hopeful for future teething.

Luke just started babbling like crazy last week. He will "talk" all day long, while he plays, before falling asleep, all the time! It's really cute, and really interesting how he just all of a sudden started talkin. Here is a snippet of what he does, although he has added many more syllables, decibels and "words" since I took this video

And, he has lots of mischief planned for the next few months I'm sure.


  1. aw, i love that he is talking :) i have the same blue with stars pjs for my little guy!!!

  2. I love the gibberish. His pants are too funny always falling down! And yes, I am sure he has lots of mischief planned for you guys!!!

  3. These pictures are wonderful! Luke is such a character; you do such a great job in taking pictures of his expression. He is blessed to have so many ho love and adore him. Can’t wait to hear all the gibberish in person.


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