Monday, March 09, 2009


Well March just snuck right up on us, I'm still wondering what the heck I did in February and determining whether or not February really happened. ZoOoM! Here's some of what I've got going on in the next month or so...

I'm currently working on...

Organizing closets
Uploading/Updating SmugMug galleries
Watching the 4th season of Lost
Curtains (see below)

I'm Planning...
House projects-- painting, window treatments, art & photo projects
Outside projects--yard layouts, garden, flowers
A trip to Georgia (Apr 1-5) for Scott's sister, Alison's wedding
To start running again soon (bleh.)


...will be my new living room curtains! I had to order the fabric online and I've been waiting for it to come for 2 weeks and I'm SO excited it's finally here and I've already started making them! I've figured out exactly how I want to decorate each room in my house, so now it's just a matter of putting the plans down on paper, figuring out the costs, and then month by month spending the budget to get the job done! I'm hoping to find some awesome furniture pieces to vamp up for our house too. Yardsales here I come!

I'm also working up my next art project which is for Luke's sadly barren walls. I'm going to be making a big alphabet poster with pictures to go with each letter. And, I'm also going to be making either an "i spy" quilt or poster. I haven't decided which. I saw the idea here at make and takes--I'm more of an artist than a sewer so I'll probably make a poster.

Lots to do and get busy with! What fun things or projects are you planning this month?


  1. I l-o-v-e that fabric and the color! I bet the curtains will look great!

  2. cute fabric! the curtains will look great! i can't wait until i have a house to decorate. :)


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