Monday, March 30, 2009

I Dub this a Very Good Week


I am finally getting over this yucky cold.

Luke is starting to sleep 12 hours as night without me going to him at all! (wakes up to cry only once for about 10 minutes and goes back to sleep! YAY!) But I'm not holding my breath...this kid changes faster than butter melts. Although he's done it for 3 days now.

I completed an awesome art project--you'll have to wait til next week to see it though because it's a gift and the recipient reads this blog.

I am packing up because we are getting out of this darn snow and heading for Georgia on Wednesday! Sweet warm southern sun, here we come!

I finally got a haircut and it's making life oh so much easier.

Mostly though, I'm excited to go to GA and can't wait to get there! I love going on Vacations!


  1. You will definitely love the southern weather... it's GREAT.

  2. Can’t wait to have you guys come. Can’t wait to hold our Grandson! We always love his pictures and movies you post on the Blog. Bring your swimming suit we are planning a pool side barbeque on Saturday!

  3. Where did you find that photo of the tissues?! ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. We'll see you when you get back!


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