Tuesday, March 03, 2009

24 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow

Last year about this time I was taking a plant class at BYU. I learned over a hundred different kinds of plant names--but mostly I learned that having plants in our homes is not only fun and pretty but really good for our homes in a healthy kind of way. Plants help keep the air cleaner and actually have an effect on our mood and work. On BHG (Better Homes & Gardens) i found an artical called 24 of the Easiest Houseplants you can Grow and every single one of them was a plant that I had to know in my class.

Of the 24, I personally would recommend:

Pothos--any variety

Philodendon--any variety

Zeezee plant

arrowhead vine


rubber tree


Don't let their perfectly grown pictures fool you--it can be harder to make some of them so full and sometimes they are full and pretty because theirs 3 or so plants in the same pot.
I tried growing dracaena and it was ugly and I couldn't figure out how to make it prettier so I chucked it in the backyard.
Pothos and Philodendrons are really easy and looks great in just about any pot in any spot.
Rubber trees are really durable and many of these plants come back to full life if you accidentally water them too much or too little.
Some of the plants on the list (such as diffenbachia) are poisonous so having them in your home can actually be dangerous for your pets or children. They do make note of that in the article though.


  1. Hey! Do you still have the plants we got from class? If I hadn't left Utah I think I'd still have mine.

  2. I DO still have them. Like I said, I dumped the dracaena in the backyard--so it's dead. But I still have a philodendron and a pothos plant that are doing really well. AND my grandpa gave me a Dracaena Marginata (tri-color dragon tree) so I have that and I'm trying not to kill it).


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