Monday, February 09, 2009


[sorry i totally spaced adding the pictures today! they are here now!]

I decided that coming up with a good post title is the hardest part of blogging. As you can see I came up empty today.

I think I used to be more creative. I look back at posts from when I first started blogging and I'm in awe by my cleverness, wittiness or just plain interesting posts. I think I'm growing dull.

I have "the Show" song by Lenka stuck in my head. Good song. I like the music video too. Funny thing about music videos--I went through a phase my sophomore year of college I listened to such random music! I would find new artists and become in love with them--people others haven't even heard of and I can't even remember today, but I would download a bazillion songs a week, watch music videos and the like. I don't do that anymore. Finding good music for my Zune is more of chore these days.

I'm trying to decide on curtains or something else for my home decor budget this month. What. to. buy? I'm using this awesome quilt for the color inspiration in my living room. Isn't it pretty?
[the colors look even better in person!]

Luke is teething and pretty much a menace the last few days. We're trying to be patient, but he's quite demanding--always wanting to be held, even during naps (ugg). The little tooth is taking a while to pop up but we can feel it getting sharper and moving on up--it's already been about 3 days. Poor little dude--he is still pretty cute though.

I am addicted to Bookmarking. My bookmark folders have an insane amount of bookmarks. It took me an hour the other day to sort them out into folders. Each folder has anywhere from 10 to 70+ links in them! Oi.

I'm thouroughly disappointed in the commentary of our little photoshoot. Comments on blog posts are like popsicles on a hot day in July--unfortuntely I know there are at least 30 to 50 visitors who visit my blog each day, but I rarely get a comment. Tell me--Am I growing as dull as I seem? Tired of seeing the same old things? Anything you'd like to see on here ?

That blog makeover should take place sometime in March I think--Hannah Craner, the designer of Sherbet Blossom Designs, emailed me and said I'm on the list for the end of February. Any cool ideas or themes you think i should encorporate in my design? I have a feeling I'm going to have a tough time truly deciding on what I want. I'm very particular.

As you may have guessed this post is a babbling of not much at all, but I thought I'd just through out some of my thoughts from today. Mondays suck, but I hope you have a good one.

Much Love,

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  1. I love reading your blog. So no worries, you are not boring! The photos of Luke are adorable, especially with his rosie cheeks. Good luck making it through the teething process!

  2. I read your blog, and I did like the photo shoot pictures, I'm just terrible at commenting. But they're all so cute! Good luck with the teething. David popped about 3 in a week once. Yikes.

  3. Which quilt are you using for inspiration? I think I missed the link.

  4. And... it might be good therapy for you to turn off your comments for awhile.

  5. And.... turn off your word verification for more comments too! I did, and people love me more ;). AND I haven't gotten any spam in forever.

  6. This is a pity comment, but I do love your blog wife ;-)

  7. I'm guilty about checking your blog almost daily and never leaving a comment...sorry. But Luke is not just 'pretty cute' he is StInkin' Cute! AND I'm insanely jealous over the camera you got for Christmas. I want one of those one day...maybe when Jordan is done with school.

  8. Yep, not much into Mondays, myself. I love your blog, and I check all the time. I figured you and everyone else were probably tired of me saying how adorable cute our Luke is, but I will do better with the comments! Yay, it's warming up here today!

  9. Oh, and I love love love that quilt. It looks so soft and cozy.

  10. Luke is getting sooo big! He sure is a handsome boy! I love your quilt, too. Where did you get it?

  11. I'm not sure where the quilt is from (the tag says "Woolrich") --it was Scott's quilt that he used for a little while before we got married. It's in perfect condition considering it had to survive a guy apartment (ew). I'm assuming his mom bought it for him--she has good taste. : )


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