Thursday, February 05, 2009

Photo Shoot

Here are some of the best shots from this week's photo sessions with our little model

they can't all be smiley


  1. I love your photos, especially that last one of just his cute feet. I tried taking a picture of Sydney's feet because her legs are so chubby and they are adorable, but she was WAY too wiggly to get a good one. I also like that you have some of varying Luke expressions because a ton of happy baby pics can get old, and they have so many expressions!

    P.S. I meant to leave this comment the other day when I first saw these pictures, but I admit it took your prodding from your latest post to actually get it put up. I completely understand the need for comments on blog posts!

  2. I will comment, because I told you I was blog stalking you. Luke is a cutie pants. Oh and teething, have you heard of teething tablets? they are homeopathic, really safe, and a LIFE SAVER. You just pop one or 2 in their little mouths, they dissolve instantly and kinda numb the gums. I can't remember exactly what they are called, but I could find out if you wanted to know. Good luck!

  3. He is so adorable. More feet photos, please!

  4. dang, these pictures really show how little that kid is. takes after steph i guess.


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