Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Someday I'm going to have a valentine's day party and instead of all green--I'm going to do all red and pink.

I have found so many cute things for Valentine's day, if it weren't such a low-key day for me usually I would go all out. It's weird that it falls on a Saturday. I'm not really sure what to do for Scott this year. We are going over to some friends for breakfast (which is what i WAS going to do for him) so that leaves the rest of the day to do something :S Dunno Dunno. What are you guys doing?

Here are some more cute ideas i found but will probably never ever do (i can give you the links to them if you want--just lemme know)...

I'm off to find Valentine's day Flair from Facebook! TaTa!


  1. For the green idea, what red foods would you use instead? Somewhere I saw a kissing ball that was covered in red silk roses and hung from a doorway just like mistletoe--it was gorgeous....but we'll be low-key on Saturday too. Maybe a video with pink/red goodies to munch?

  2. I love love love that pillow. I am totally going to make one for Sadie's room. So cute!

  3. red grapes, licorice, red/pink m&ms, skittles, lifesavors, strawberries, rasperries, red peppers, pepperoni (wierd--maybe not)...the list goes on I'm sure, bubble gum, pink lemonade...

  4. Hey I ran across a site that my friend created and it seemed like one you might enjoy. Check it out if you want!


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