Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Loot

I am very blog apathetic lately, not sure why, but i did want to blog about this so here goes...

Sweet Sweet Awesome Presents! I got a lot of really great gifts this year, as did Scott and even Luke, but I just wanted to mention a few of my favs...

THIS is my favorite--a big surprise. Now i can take seriously awesome pictures of Luke. I was getting very disappointed with the results from my old camera--blurry, not too high quality, just all in all disappointing. So i was very very very happy to get this! be jealous. ;)

Also, we got a laser printer--which is SO nice to finally have. I have wanted and needed a printer for ages now and it's nice to finally have one. I've already used it at least twice :)

And I got 3 pairs of slippers because i conned everyone into getting me slippers ( i really wanted some our floors are cold!) heehee now i have black ballet type, red sweater ones and cream colored fluffy slip-on ones that i probably wear the most right now.

Oh and my brother Andrew wrapped up the present he got for me (the very cute lamp from IKEA that I wanted) with massive amounts of bubble wrap! Poppin Pleasure for the entire year!!! How's that for awesome!

We got lots of great gifts this year--from thoughtful to practical to just plain fun. I couldn't possibly list them all here. We had a great Christmas and I'm sad that it's all over. Obviously--it's January 5th already and i'm still talking about CHRISTMAS. But, seriously, this is like the last post about Christmas--promise.

I also wanted to show you the present I made For Scott from Luke-- let me tell you this was TOUGH! Getting handprints from a 5 mo old are nearly impossible! There was only 1 good one out of the whole batch--hence why i tried a foot.

Scott's other favorite present was probably his framed and matted picture of this:
The Prayer at Valley Forge. Scott loves George Washington!

Thanks to everyone who got us something! There wasn't a single thing we didn't love! Hope you all had a great Christmas too. Till next year!

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  1. Ha ha! I bet it is harder getting handprints from a 5 month old...You did good though. They look great! That is such a cute idea, I may need to borrow it!


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