Friday, January 23, 2009

i won? I WON !!

SO. I was gone ALLLLL day and didn't check my email until 6:30p tonight. When i did i had 13 emails! Wow. Several of them were informing me of comments made on my blog posts.

When i read this one--I. was. shocked. surprised. dumbfounded. and REALLY REALLY HAPPY!!!!
"[...] Congrats on winning the blog makeover! What a fun contest!!!"
WHAT?! I WON? No way! I headed onto Make and Takes to check it out for myself and sure enough...

We have our winner for the Sherbet Blossom Design giveaway. Congrats to #131 Katie B, you are the winner of a fabulous blog makeover. Enjoy the fun fresh new look of your site! And for everyone else, visit Sherbet Blossom Designs to get your own blog/website makeover.

Sherbet Blossom Designs

SWEET SWEET WINNING A COOL BLOG MAKEOVER ACTION!!! With everything that happened today I'd forgotten to check up on the winner of the giveaway until tonight when I got that comment! So thanks for commenting! And Thanks to Make and Takes and Sherbet Blossom designs for making my blog dreams come true!!

So, i guess stay tuned for a sweet new layout and fresh new look!


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