Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And He's Off!!

Luke. can. crawl!! For a while i wasn't sure which would win first--sitting or crawling--it appears that crawling has won the race.

Still pretty awkward and slow, but he achieves the goal, nonetheless. Sometimes he forgets that he can but he usually figures it out again if there's a worthy object to retrieve.

Click Here (a few weeks ago)
Click Here (last week)
Click Here (today)


  1. How adorable!!! Sydney is still not crawling, but she'll get there soon. She scoots all around backwards but mostly isn't interested in going forwards! Anyway, Luke is too cute.

  2. How fun! I like that Luke went for the games. Sean would have gone for the cord and started chewing it.

  3. Go, Go, GO!!! for Wits and Wagers!

    Congrats Luke!

  4. I wish we lived near you guys! Then Alexander could teach Luke how to sit and Luke could teach Alexander how to crawl!

  5. Wow, he's really moving! Now you just have to keep up. ;)

  6. Now you're in trouble.

  7. That's so exciting! People say life changes again when they can crawl, they can get into trouble now that they are mobile. Have you child proofed your house yet?


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