Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WriTiNg Up a SToRm

I've had a folder call "WriTiNg Up a SToRm" on my computer for about 3 years, maybe more. In this folder I have everything from blog ideas, quotes and stories of others that i've collected to old stories I started writing eons ago. I was just thinking how fun it would be to have a little ongoing series on my blog and share some of the stuff I've written and some of the quotes and stuff that i kept in that folder--so here is your first excerpt:

2.17.06 LOVE POEMS:

Roses are red with thorns that are sticky, I like you because youre not icky

I don't like roses and violets arent' really blue
This Valentine's Day All i want is you

Roses are Red, Elbows are boney
Boy am i glad that these feelings are phony

Spuds are brown
Fettuccini is white
will you be mine
tommarrow night?

Roses are red
Fried Chicken is greasy
Writing these peoms
sur ain't too easy

Roses are Red
You drive me insane
you might be beatiful
but you have no brain

Roses are red
A1 steak sauce is tastey
I hope on our date
you won't be that hastey

Roses are for chicks and steak is for men
i hope you don't spend Valentine's day watching ESPN

1 comment:

  1. Those are awesome. My favorite is the last one about ESPN. lol


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