Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WRiTiNg Up a SToRM: 2008 Reflection

This year was a remarkable series of milestones and changes for Scott and my little family. It's incredible all that we've been through in such a short time! If we've learned one thing this entire year though, it's that we can do anything as long as we have each other and the Lord pulling us through.

Here's a summary of everything that happened in 2008:

January was all about the pregnancy. Hearing the baby's heartbeat and having it all truly confirmed to us at that first appointment.
We had our 16 week ultrasound--our first one (missed the other one because we found out right before Christmas and couldn't get in earlier than January) We found out we were having a boy! It was pretty incredible.

We also gave a 2 weeks notice to move out of our basement apartment in Springville and move into Wymount because I was sick of the commute with our particular school and work schedule.

We decided to avoid restaurants for Valentine's day and I made dinner at home instead. Scott put my present on the bed and I was so excited to get KissKiss pups that I didn't even realize there was a diamond necklace inside!!
I wear that necklace like every day

Toward the end of the month is when I really began to show signs of a pregnancy tummy.

We also got a new desktop computer.

It's funny to note that I really don't have many pictures from March--funny that nothing ever exciting or otherwise happens in March.

But I did manage to hit up Color Me Mine for a girls night with Nikki and Lauren

Scott and I walked together for Graduation. Bill and Brenda came to visit for the event and we had a good time shopping for baby stuff.

Scott started working at Cluster Resources.

We also shopped around a bit for houses.

My sister threw me a great baby shower and I was pleased that many of my good friends and family could come for it.

My brother Al, married his sweetheart, Stephanie, and it was good to see all my family.

Scott and I took an early Anniversary trip to Las Vegas and The Hoover Dam.

Scott turned 25.

The house search renewed with a friend of Jen's, Joe Willis, who is an amazing Realtor. We found a bunch of prospects and put an offer on a house in Lehi.

The weeks of pregnancy are ticking towards the end...

I turned 22


The offer on the house we tried was rejected. We kept looking and put an offer another house--actually, in the same neighborhood as before.

This was the last pregnancy pic I took before Luke was born.

On July 16th I was out with my mom and my Realtor to look at some houses.
I had suspected that my water broke and I ended up going into the hospital to find out for sure. Sure enough it had and they kept me there. Scott joined me an hour or so later.

Lucas Scott was born July 17 shortly after 1am. We took him home on Friday night the 18th.

The offer on our house was accepted by some miracle and we found out the last day i was in the hospital! They wanted to push through the process fast so we would be moving in August--just a few weeks!

Scott and I celebrated out 1st wedding anniversary on the 28th. My mom stayed with Luke while we went to Outback Steakhouse and went to see The Dark Knight.
We came home and tried out the top layer from our wedding cake. No comment.

We moved into our new house

We made a trip to Orlando and Disney World with the Brown Family. Luke did great with the traveling. I was able to visit Nikki--who is interning there as a character.

Luke starts smiling all the time now--especially when Daddy comes home

Luke finds his hands, starts the ever flowing drool, and starts getting the hang of toys.

Scott gave Luke and name and a blessing the last week in September

With his dad's help, Scott conquers the 9 foot weeds overtaking our yard.

Luke likes playing on the floor now that he's gotten better at tummy time.

We bought an elliptical since our 6:30am morning runs were getting to dark and cold to go on.

Scott and I dressed up as doctors with our little patient for Halloween. Scott won the scariest office award for his work party.

We finally put Luke to sleep upstairs in his crib and started sleep training to get him to go more than 2 hours without waking up.

We finally got living room furniture. Goodbye air mattress.

Luke masters peek-a-boo on his own, starts liking bath time, and learns to roll over (and decides he likes sleeping on his tummy now).

Jen & Greg welcomed their 3rd boy into their family and named him Isaac.

I made an apple pie for Thanksgiving--which we spent at Scott's Grandparent's.

Scott and I attempted our first family photo using the timer on our camera...needless to say it took a ton of shots to get one where we all look good--and even then I had to photoshop a "good" Luke with a "good" us for a doctored Christmas Family picture.

We also bought a big live tree this year--smelled a-mazing--it was about 8 feet tall--a major improvement from our 3 foot fake tree for our apartment last year!

We were excited to have my parents and my oldest brother Andrew stay at our house for Christmas--we were sad to see them go. We had a great Christmas--lots of fun presents, family, a huge dinner, and a nice long chat with Steve who is on a mission in Germany.

New Years Eve and New Years Day were complete with a stomach flu of sorts. I had it NY's Eve which was sad because we had to cancel on the dinner party we were invited to. NY's Day Scott came down with the bug and suffered all day long. We were a couple of sickies and pretty pathetic all day long.

We've had quite the year, and I'm sure that 2009 will bring us many more adventures and memories as well. Happy Holidays!

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