Monday, November 24, 2008

RoLy PoLy...

Luke is rolling over!

Scott had him on a blanket in the living room and we'd been practicing with him all day with him only getting halfway there and then all of a sudden he decided to roll all the way over back to front!!


...but only the first roll--i was on the phone. He continued to do it a few more times before getting tired so I still got to see it!

This morning I took these videos since the one Scott took last night has me talking annoyingly in the background.

Blogger doesn't like me and takes literally ALL day to upload my videos...if it uploads them at all, so I put it on Google Video (unfortunately the quality suffers).

You can see it HERE! And the other one HERE!


  1. So cute! Isn't it hilarious how they just all of the sudden decide, "I'm going to roll over now".

  2. I love the videos!!!

    How well my Grandson is growing!
    Accomplishing amazing feats

    Keep it up, its so worth the upload time!

    Include You and Scott in some,
    Miss you guys.


  3. That's so cool! David can go half way but and has accidently flipped but it's exciting to watch Luke and know that he will be doing the same in a couple months! It's funny that you say that blogger doesn't load your videos well because that was my next question for you. :)


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