Monday, November 17, 2008

Luke = 4 months

am 4 months oLd.

i'm getting stronger every day on my tummy. Sometimes i roll to my back, but it's usually only because my big head tipped me over. i like playing on my blankets and looking at all the colors and pictures.

Sometimes i fall asleep in my swing, but more often i like to play and watch mom and dad in the kitchen while i swing.

i'm starting to like bath time a little more each day, but on days when i'm not so sure about the water i need to suck on my hands. Daddy has started to give me more baths, and soon he won't even need Mom there to help him. i take a bath every night because it is now part of my nighttime routine and it makes me smell oh. so. nice.

sometimes i make funny faces with my toys. i suck on EVERYTHING.

heLLo Mr Fishy... ... I think I will eat you now.


i used to fall asleep on mom and dad's bed all the time. these are my favorite pj's

i drool more than i breath. sometimes i blow bubbles.

tummy time!


i found my feet around Halloween time. now i try to grab and suck on my toes as much as i can. it's easier without pants.

Hope you enjoyed the update!

P.S. I tried uploading a video of Luke laughing, but blogger takes FOREVER to load my videos, so i gave up. I'll try again tomorrow. The funniest thing is the easiest way to get him to laugh is to take off his shirt! He giggles so much! It's hard to catch on tape...but we'll get a good one soon. I can't wait until he's laughing all the time because it is so. darn. cute.


  1. thanks for the pictures! hes getting bigger, and cuter!

  2. Should be illegal to be that cute.

  3. Katie / Scott,

    Thank You , Thank You so very much!!!

    I can not ever express to you how much we enjoy your Blog!
    Especially the Pictures of Luke!!! My grandson is so adorable.

    We miss you guys so very much! Pictures of Luke always make my day so much brighter. Keep sharing this wonderful guy with everyone. I have the most adorable grandsons.

    Dad Brown


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