Thursday, October 30, 2008

It Fits Once Again!

I forgot to report how excited I am now that my gorgeous wedding rings fit again... it surely took a long time for them to fit again!! My fingers still aren't completely back to normal, but my rings fit comfortably again at least.

The wedding band is actually new. It was my first year anniversary gift from my wonderful hubby. Now my ring set is complete. Diamonds make a girl feel special!! Love You Hubby!


  1. That is great news! Don't you feel like a real person now?

  2. Scott ask me when he was to propose to you, which to do an air balloon thing or save the $$$ and get the wedding band at your wedding date. He made the decision himself, but my opinion at the time was the Balloon ride. I knew he would get you your wedding band sooner or later. Looks like he got it sooner.


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