Saturday, August 09, 2008

Weekend Newzzzzz

Friday afternoon, Jen and the boys came to watch Luke while I met Scott at the Realtor's close on our house! Yes, it's true, we officially are homeowners! Even today when we went to our house to measure a few things, I couldn't believe it was really ours!

, we have an a-mazing Realtor, Joe Willis. If you need someone and want the best (even if you won't be looking for a while yet)...I've got his info and he is who you have been waiting for. He truly looks out for his clients, really gets to know you and what you want, and is excellent every step of the way.

Friday night Scott and I decided to pop Luke in the stroller and head into Sears to look for a Fridge for our new house. Sears was having a great sale on appliances this weekend. We went just to look, but after about an hour or so and comparing this and that we ended up buying one right there! So we've officially made our first major appliance purchase!

Today, we drove to Lehi to check out a few things at our house (i love saying that--OUR house), and a funny thing happened when we got there--there was a car in our driveway! Scott went in to check it out and as it turned out there was a Realtor showing the house to a young woman and her daughter. Scott had to be the bearer of bad news and let them know it was under contract--with us! They were disappointed because, like me, they loved the layout and all the little details of the house inside. Oh well, too bad for them, it's all mine!!

Oh and another PS...I packed a box!! One down, a bazillion more to go...


  1. Ware so happy for you guys!! A new baby boy, Both of you graduated from BYU, Scott having a great job, and now a new home. I know life takes alot of work and there is always the ups as well as the downs. But I know you guys on are on the road to happiness. Have you been to your family ward yet? Let us all know about your new bigger family ward.


  2. Congrats on the house! More freedom is always good and having your own house is a giant leap in freedom.


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