Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Weeks

Two weeks to get organized
Two weeks to clear out the clutter
Two weeks to find a new fridge, and find a washer/dryer
Two weeks to set up the mail, garbage pickup and phone/internet at our new house
Two weeks to find time to go to the new house and clean
Two weeks to clean our current apartment
Two weeks to pack up our apartment
Two weeks to enlist a moving crew of friends and family to help us move to the new house

Two weeks to find time to work on all this in between feeding and holding Luke, catching up on sleep and attempting to maintain my sanity.



  1. Wish I were still there to help out, but lots of people have offered, so take them up on it! Just think, in two weeks it will all be settled! ♥

  2. Good luck! I'm so stoked for you guys!

  3. It may seem overwhelming now but once you are in your new house you will feel a brand new level of freedom and liberty.

    Congrats again!


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