Thursday, August 07, 2008

Missing This

it stiLL doesn't fit. :*(


  1. yeah. that stinks. mine didn't fit for a few weeks and then i forced it on after a shower one morning because i was sick of not wearing it. then it wouldn't come off again until last week. lame! :)

  2. that's too bad!!! i would feel naked without my wedding ring!

  3. Hey. Give it time. I had to wear my ring on a necklace from the time I was about 5 months pregnant until about 4 weeks after I had Sydney. Give it a little more time. Your ring is gorgeous by the way!

  4. Suprisingly I understand since Amy is going through the same thing. She hates not wearing it and it's been many months now.

    You can always just get it resized if you want.


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