Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are you Sick of the Pictures Yet?

(Left) Scott with our first full diaper genie insert--LOTS of diapers in just one week.
(Right) My brother Al holding Luke

(Left) Taken in the hospital by Jen
(Right) Swaddled up by Grandma at home

Just lookin around, suckin on my binkie

(Left) Chillin on Dad's shoulder
(Right) Chillin on Mom's lap, aren't I the cutest?


  1. So cute! Wish y'all were closer. Does that Genie keep the nastiness smell from leaking out?

  2. So far the genie is indeed a genie and magically makes smellies go Poof. Ask me again in 6 months though after we start him on solids :D

  3. No, Not enough Pictures yet!

  4. Your baby is so precious! Hopefully I'll be getting back to our own ward soon and maybe I can catch a glimpse of him before you move! Congrats!

  5. We won't get sick of your pictures if you don't get sick of ours...:-) Hope you guys are doing good.

  6. Nope, will NEVER get tired of pictures!!! But then, I'm his Grandma...what else would I say?

  7. The more pictures...the better :) CUTE!!!!!


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