Thursday, June 05, 2008

keepin' it real

I saw this on a couple blogs--Here, Here, and Here...and thought I would do it myself too just for fun and tag my own friends.

Although, I probably didn't pick the best day to do it...but I guess that's why they call it "keepin it real"

Here's how the tag works
; take pictures of the following things without straightening them up or prepping them in order to capture real life around my household. Next I get to choose 3-5 people to do the same. The point is to see how these things/items/people exist in real life. Take your camera and just go for it.

i TAG Jen, Vanessa, & Stacie

So HeRe iT gOeS...

1. My Fridge
It still surprises me how empty looking it can be even right after we go grocery shopping. I guess it must be those 3 years I lived with 5 other girls got me used to seeing a cramped and stuffed fridge.
[I don't normally put my eggs in a bowl, but that is what one must do when one egg decides to get stuck in the carton and you end up putting your fingers crushingly into it trying to get it out and thereby making a huge mess.]

2. My Kitchen Sink
As you can caught us on a bad day. Nearly every dish we own is in this dang sink today.

[Scott came home and did nearly all the dishes! I love him]
3. A Closet
This is our bedroom closet. I may have more shoes, but Scott has just as many clothes as I do! On the far right you can see our little baby clothes! We have more that I haven't hung up but I have to go buy more little baby hangers
4. The toilet
Yes, my hair straightener is nearly always hanging out there. We don't have a bathroom counter around our sink. I also leave it plugged in...I guess I'm lucky it's never fallen into the toilet...
5. My Favorite shoes
I have to pick just one pair???
6. My Favorite room...
I don't really have a favorite room. Our apartment is so small...but I guess I have to say our bedroom even though it's pretty drab. I haven't put too much effort into decorating or putting things up on the walls because I knew we wouldn't be here very long. It's probably my favorite room only because it has my favorite piece of furniture--our bed. The most comfy thing we own! If I had a comfy couch I'd be tempted to say that that was my favorite room.
Here's our bed-
7. What my kids are doing right now
What is my kid doing right now? You tell me.

8. Laundry Pile
We just did our laundry on Monday

9. Self Portrait

10. Dream Vacation
Can I go everywhere on my vacation? No? Ok, I pick New Zealand then. Perhaps an Austrailian/New Zealand cruise? Yes that sounds lovely


  1. This is such a fun idea! You didn't tag me... but I'm gonna do it anyway :) love ya!

  2. I promise I'll do it when I get a camera that works! :)


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