Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my hubby

i L-O-V-E HiM


He’s sweet, clever, & brilliant

He makes me laugh like no one else

He has red hair

He does the dishes

He takes me on walks just so we can talk

He’s handsome

He makes my dreams come true

—like buying me a guitar

& taking me in a hot air balloon

He explains difficult things like

computer programming

in a way that i can understand it

…even when i don’t want to know!

He’s just as excited to be a dad

as i am to be a mom

He finds joy in challenges & works hard

He makes life more fun—we love to annoy, tease

and poke each other

He gives the best hugs &

doesn’t care how long i hold on

He’s understanding, he listens & comforts

He is every bit of comfortable

He is everything to me

& i am so much better a person

with him by my side.

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