Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EarLy Anniversary Trip

Scott & I spent the Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas !!

It was a blast! Just so good to have a little roadtrip together away from work & woes. The weather was pretty good too--it rained off and on as we drove did the same thing the second day we were there. But other than that the temperatures were in the low 70s and it was very pleasant!


We did T-O-N-S oF fun stuff:

The MGM Grand was the first hotel we explored and we were in awe of just how huge it was! There is a lion habitat--which we arrived at just in time to see 2 lionesses come out. One of them came right up to the window--literally inches away from us--and showed us her teeth. It was awesome!

We also explored the New York, New York--which looks like downtown New York inside (and outside i guess also. The Excalibur--we had our first buffet (it was one of the cheaper ones in LV) We also explored the M&M store and bought tickets for Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum at the Venetian for the next day. We got a prime spot for watching the Bellagio Fountain show our first night.

We went to the learning tables at Excalibur one morning--Scott learned Craps--I was overwhelmed by its complexity and gave up to go sit in a nice comfy chair in front of a slot machine nearby. We also went to the learning table for Texas Hold'em--we were the only ones who showed up. The dealer was really funny and we did learn some stuff we didn't know about the game--especially the etiquette.

We went to the Venetian--gorgeous--it made me want to go back to Venice. While there we went to Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum and at first it was a bit creepy cuz they look SO real! Scott didn't want to go near them at first because he was afraid of touching a real person by mistake. Down below are pictures of Scott golfing with Tiger Woods and Me on the American Idol set. It was so much fun!

Scott and I also went to Hoover Dam and took the Power Plant Tour. I'm glad we went--we learned a lot and it was fun to see the inside and know all the little background facts.

We also explored a bit of the Mirage, the Bellagio, and Treasure Island. We had an amazing buffet dinner at Treasure Island--complete with Cotton Candy! That was by far the best place we ate at. [sidenote: We wanted to go the the buffet at Planet Hollywood--but didn't make it over there. There's just way too much to do in Vegas and a pregnant lady can only walk so much :S We'll just have to go back sometime ;) ]

We did have one minor tragedy on our trip...We got separated on the monorail! We weren't at the right doors when it arrived and had to run a little to get down to it before it took off--Scott made it and I was right behind him but the doors were halfway closed and I didn't think I could squeeze through without getting severed to death (irrational fear of monorail doors). It was very unlucky that only I had my cell phone--so we had no way of communicating! At least, though, we'd just talked about where we were going to go I jumped on the next one (they come every 5 minutes) and went to that stop. However--Scott had gone back (thinking I was mad at him and would stay there) ...anyway there's more jumping around...but after 2 trains went by with no Scott I was teary and sad because we got separated. Finally, he jumped off the 3rd train--caught me red handed crying a bit--and I just had to laugh. Pregnancy hormones. I knew he'd find me eventually, but I was just so sad that I couldn't stop crying! Anyway, we had a nice evening at the car museum at the Imperial Palace (which we got into for free with passes off the internet) We saw some famous cars--the actual red mini cooper from Italian Job, the car from Starsky and Hutch, and the ultimate famous car--Herbie aka the Love Bug!

Scott and I also had tickets for a Magic show--it was pretty good--had tigers and everything. It wasn't David Copperfield, but he still did some pretty cool stuff. Anyone know just how they do all those extreme magic tricks? Some of them just blow my mind at how fast they are done!
We also got our caricature done---it was fun, but I think we were a little disappointed at the final result. We decided next time we'll get a portrait done instead. I think we would be happier with something that actually looked like us. I haven't taken a picture of it yet so I have nothing to show you--sorry.

I'm sure there's a bazillion other details we could tell you...but to prevent further boredom of anyone who may be reading this and wanting to drill a pencil in their head...I will cease.
I had a great time--best of all was just spending the weekend with my best friend. I wish my feet hadn't swelled up or hurt as much so we could have done more (I ended up buying gel inserts for my shoes to help a bit--but by the last day I just had to wear my flip flops anyway because my feet wouldn't fit in my shoes anymore.)

P.S. Next time I go I want to spend at least one night in a fancy-pants hotel--like the Venetian or the Bellagio! It would be awesome!

[More Pictures (with captions) can be found in our Smugmug Galleries]


  1. I'm glad you finally got to go!! It sounds like you had way fun, I'm sorry you got lost though! :) What hotel did you actually stay at? Love ya!

  2. It was called Siena Suites and was about 20-30 min east of the Strip (depending on traffic) It had a small kitchen which was nice--we got milk and cereal for breakfast every morning. It was a pretty decent hotel.


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