Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Remember the List??

329 Chair Test---aced it

320: Skills Test April 7th—aced it

461 Group Presentations April 8th---aced it

213: FINAL on April 9th---aced it

Write 224 paper (working on this tonight) (Due Apr 10th)---aced it

Bust out Catalogue--329 Catalogues due April 15th---kind of aced it--big mess trying to print it out!

Study for 461 Final in Testing Center on 15th---lets not go there...long story

IT's ALL DONE THOUGH!! YAY! 3 finals to go and I am SO done with this semester! My last full semester as an undergraduate!

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  1. School ends, but learning never does!! Things are working out on this end too...All projects are done. Just have to complete my patients and write up the notes on their file cards...Tick tock! I picked up my cap and gown yesterday. The tassel is lavender, and I got an honor cord that is gold.


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