Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doing Hard THings...kinda

Scott tried and tried and tried to beat this level one night, and when he finally did...he asked for the camera. This is our XBOX 360 addiction--the arcade game N+. You are a ninja and you try to get the gold pieces and touch all the "batteries" as we call them to open the door and exit the level--but there are bombs, missiles chasing you (as in this one) or other zappy obstacles that try to defeat you. It's a fun game, very addictive. So this is his replay video of one of the harder levels (watch the little red guy on the right). He makes this look easy, but it really is not! This game is our game of choice; so much so, sometimes it takes over our Sunday night game nights with my brothers, and we even played it between the sessions of General Conference!

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