Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Newsies

Cute Clothes alert!
Not me, silly for the baby! (Though I got some new ones too, what can i say maternity clothes are just SO much cuter!)

Bill and Brenda (Scott's parents) are in town for Scott's and my graduation this week; they took us to the mall and these are the clothes we got for Luke (yup, leaning towards Luke)

Jeff and Carie (Scott's oldest brother) sent some cute clothes also!

In other getting-ready-for-baby news... I'm having a baby shower, thrown by my sister, on May 3rd, and I've started to register at Target and Babies R Us for a few things. I'm excited to get all my friends and family together for that.


  1. Adorable! Give me a couple of weeks, and I will catch up! The sweater is coming along....I will bring it when I come for the wedding.


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