Sunday, March 16, 2008

THe WeeKeNd

Friday and Sunday weren't much to talk about, but plenty happened Saturday to make up for it.

SaTuRdaY = homework assignment that took me to University Mall where I had to take pictures of the plants for my Interior Landscapes class. I took advantage of my location and bought the most amazing pair of Jeans. So amazing they almost deserve their own blog post. In fact, yes, I'll blog about them separately because I am ridiculous.

I had to book it home to wrap my gift and pick up my friend Laura and head to West Valley City to attend a friends Baby Shower. I didn't know the gender when I bought the gift, so I got this adorable, soft yellow blanket with turtles, elephants and giraffes on it. So cute I almost bought one for myself, but that freaked me out a bit so I didn't. I also got her a little baby med kit.

The shower was really fun, but it took up the entire afternoon with the travel time and all. When we got there, there was "It's a Boy" decorations. Turns out she found out what it was (at 15 weeks) the couple days after the invites went out. I thought for sure she'd have a girl!

After getting home from the shower, I was pretty pooped from all the driving so I took a nap until it was time to leave to go to Munchkinland. Scott and I played with Charlie and Jack while Jen and Greg went out to Sushi. As you can see from the pictures...we had a blast. The boys have so much fun with their uncles!
i was there too, I was just taking all the pictures!

AFter heading home, it was about 10:30, and we decided to pick up a pizza and my younger brother Steve and played XBOX 360--the game N+--until after midnight. The game is pretty addicting.

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