Saturday, March 01, 2008

They caLL me tHe bAg Lady...

These are ALL my Utah. I have a least a couple more back at my mom and dad's house in Ohio where I have yet to pack up the rest of my stuff. I'm planning on selling about half of these babies at some point, but there are some I just simply cannot part with. If you like any of them, name your price and I just might let you have it--unless it's one of those "not parting with" ones of course.
But anyway, my mom called me the bag lady when I was little because
I love to put all kinds of stuff into bags, purses and whatnot and carry them around--mostly for dress-up, but I actually remember doing this when i was a bit older too--like 8 or 9. Just putting the most random things in my purse to go to the store with my mom. My mom says that she would find a random bag of stuff somewhere in house and it would be something I collected and put in a bag. Pretty funny huh. I sure do love my purses.

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