Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BaBy NeWsies

Week: 22
Due: July 13th
Possible Names: Lucas (Luke), Nathan, Kyle, Jake, Ryan
Middle Name: Scott
Biggest complaint? Sore hips at night :(
Food Loves: Toast, Strawberries, Oranges, Cheerios, Cottage Cheese,
Oddest craving thus far? Crab pasta salad.
Loving Pregnancy Because: Baby kicks!
Baby Stats (from Pregnancy Week to Week) :
Weight: about 12 oz
Length: about 7 2/3 inches

(PS. I think this picture makes me look bigger than in person, but that may just be me hoping that that is so!)


  1. Also, the name Spike is still not taken, and I've always wanted a nephew named Spike.

  2. You're a cute pregno lady! :) LUCKY!

  3. Aaaaaaaaww!!!!!

    You look great, KD bug. Love you.
    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait...

  4. Yay for being cute and pregnant! :)

  5. We know this isn't a vote, but Carie and I like these names in order from best to last.
    1) Ryan
    2) Kyle
    3) Lucas
    4) Nathan
    5) Anything else?
    6) Jake

    We love the middle name and this baby will sure make a better name with it. lol. :)


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