Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's not Easy bEing GReeN

For my Interior Landscaping class, we have to learn the genus and the common names of several plants each week. At the end of the semester we will have to know ALL of them--some 70-100 odd plants!! So far, I've learned about 25. I have to consistently remember the ones I've already learned so that I don't get too rusty. The quizzes are written, so there's no hints whatsoever. It's just you and your brain. Its funny, however, because I can go to work and identify all the plants in our office (alive OR fake) and so far I know that my sister has a pot with 2of the 11 kinds of philodendrons we've learned. Some day I will most likely forget all these specific names, but hopefully I'll remember all the other important stuff we learn in this class--like repotting and how not to kill the dang things. This class is really fun with a really great teacher, Nora Hunter. So far I've already gotten to take home a plant of my own and tomorrows lesson says we will be re-potting and taking home more! That is the best part! It's so much fun! We also have to work a required amount of time in the greenhouse, but I am taking the class with my friend Nikki, so we sign up together and talk while we do things like clean plants, sweep down a section or hose down the floors.


  1. Katie,

    I love plants. All the plants in the pool area has my influence. Will come to you for future advice.

  2. KD bug,
    Does this mean you will help me figure out how to keep my plants growing?!! You know I need all the help I can get....(Just look at that Jade plant!!)

  3. Philodendrons eh? I dunno, sounds made up to me. Oh and remember to water that Sanserviera Trifasciata, the leaves are looking a little dry!


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