Thursday, February 07, 2008

cLean tEeth

My mom, who is in her last semester of her dental hygiene program, gave Scott and me electric toothbrushes for Christmas. We just started using them when we moved this past weekend. We had to put an S and a K on them to tell them apart cuz they are both the same ;)

I don't think my teeth have ever felt this cLean! On a regular basis, that is. After I go to the dentist my teeth feel super duper clean, but now I get that feeling every day! TWICE!! It does make my head a little tizzy sometimes with the vibrating, but I figure I'll get used to it eventually and not notice it as much.

I've also started using mouth wash. and i hate it. I have yet to make it to the full 30 seconds before spitting the stuff out! Yuck! Gotta kill the germs though--bad for babies.

Anyway, Thanks mom, Love the toothbrush (Scott does too I think)

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