Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Outing

I went with my sister, Jen, to IKEA yesterday!! I love how IKEA has such LOW prices! It blows me away sometimes. I came home with some good stuff! I love this big watering can, the plastic bag dispenser is ingenious, and these 5x5 animal cards are officially the first thing I've bought for my baby. I plan to put them in little frames and arrange them collage-style on the wall in his room. I also got a roll of 11 yds of brown paper for 50 cents as well as another roll of cute shiney brown striped wrapping paper--also 50 cents! And for $1.99 I got a set of tupperware bowls with lids. I saw a few other things while I was there that I just may have to go back for...such as the little dining table and a tall lamp for our living room. Those need Scott approval though ;) I lOvE IKeA!!

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  1. I love IKEA too!!! Wish I lived closer to one...they built a new one in Cincinnati, but that is still too far! Let's go when I come out for a visit....I just can't buy anything that won't fit in my suitcase! = )


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