Friday, February 15, 2008

0h what A gReat daY...

Oh Happy Valentine's Day, I love being married!
Here's our little treats from the day...

1. I made Scott cinnamon roll bites for a little breakfast treat before our short appointment with Dr Gordon

2. We took a nap and cuddled for about 45 minutes after we got back home and before heading to school for the day

3. Scott got me flowers and had them delivered to my office--daisies in a cute little bottle (my favorite)

4. I got visitors at work! Steve popped in bringing Tammy Clayton and her daughter Lindsay--they invited us to dinner on Sunday in West Valley (They are friends we knew from Kirtland who moved back to UT a year or 2 ago)

5. Work itself went by pretty fast because I kept busy (the way I like it)

6. I skipped class to come home and prepare the rest of my little treats for Scott while he was at class until 7:30

7. I made dinner and a cake for Scott: Heart shaped pizza, apple-raspberry juice, and a white chocolate cake with white-chocolate cream cheese frosting and frozen berries to top it off (I actually made the cake a day earlier with my friend Holly)

8. I made up the table with many little spurts of creative ideas and it turned out looking amazing! I set the mood with dim lights and lovey-dovey songs from our wedding.

9. I spent most of my time at home putting together this card for him, I had to hurry to get everything done--3 hours went by fast!

10. I picked him up from school and blew him away with all my little surprises and details. The reaction was priceless and more than I could have ever hoped for.

11. We had a lovely dinner and talked about his job interview and the rest of the day, and then cleaned up a bit before heading to our bed to relax (we have no couch yet)

12. On the bed was .....KISS KISS pups!!! He didn't know, but i LOVE kisskiss animals, these were two cute little Scottie pups. They held a heart box, which held a diamond necklace!!! GORGEOUS!!! It was funny because I think my reaction was bigger for the kisskiss pups before I saw the necklace!

13. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and cuddling and watching an episode of Lost (season 1--a recap for me, new for him) We thouroughly enjoyed our night before hitting the pillows.

14. At 12:45, we were both awaken by our loud cell phone tones that signaled we got texts. They were from Al--he proposed to Stephanie and she said yes! I've GOT to get more details.

All in all, a very special day for me... but then I did marry a pretty special guy!

Hope yours was great too!!


  1. You are one lucky girl!

    Love to you both.

  2. So happy for you both! Katie what a wonderful card!

    Love that Valentines Heart,

    Coincidence, gave Mom a similar

    White Gold Diamond one as well.


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