Saturday, January 26, 2008

One week and a bunch of boxes later...

...We will be bustin' a move--right out of our apartment--on Groundhog's Day. We haven't begun to pack up yet, but I actually trekked out to our outside storage shed and pulled out a couple of boxes at least. I plan to pack up games, books and fragile stuff today and tomorrow and then slowly throughout the week we will be able to get the rest of it packed up :S

Scott and I are moving to on campus housing. We've lived in Springville, a fifteen minute drive to school for about 5 months and we're going to cut back on the stress and live 5 minutes from Campus instead. There are few positives, but a long list of negatives about our Springville basement apartment:

We like this apartment because: 1) it’s close to Walmart in Springville (just down the road), 2) we are close to Jen and Greg, 3) it’s small but cozy and still has lots of storage outside, 3) we have 2 laundry days Tuesdays and Saturday s and it’s not coin operated 4) $465 a month including everything--satellite tv, internet, all utilities...but that’s pretty much where the list ends for me on good stuff.

What's not to like about this apartment? Loud upstairs noises—waterpipes, weird loud, vibrating the ceiling kind of buzzing—vacuum, massage chair? Who knows!? And thudding and thumping from the ppl upstairs, TV noises on Sundays and whenever you want a quiet peaceful place—there TV is ALWAYS on. 2) no dishwasher 3) heat/cold uncontrolled and sporadic 4) only enough place for one couch, not even a chair or nothing—makes it hard to invite ppl over to watch movies or football 5) SNOW sucks—we have a long sidewalk and stairs leading to the entrance of our apartment and it sucks when it snows. Not only that, but the streets don’t get plowed all the way because of cars parking on the sides, so we have to climb around snow to get to our car and then manage to get out of all the snow to leave. There’s also icicles that hang deadly right above our door to get in and I fear that one of these days that icicle is going to be the cause of my death like some urban legend murder mystery—Death by falling icicle. And it drips. on our heads. when we are trying to unlock the door to get in! 6) I dislike our ward—it’s a fully fledged family ward. Too hard to make friends when they stick you in the primary right at the get go and never let you leave it. No one else who teaches primary is really interested in making friends despite our efforts either. It’s really depressing. I miss relief society too 7) Oh man I could just keep going and going and going…But I won’t.

So there you have it--for my sanity and happiness, we will try out campus family housing. If we don't like it? We'll bust another move. But the next move will have to be a little more permanent with our new addition to our little family coming in the summertime.

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  1. I can't believe I was out ranked by WalMart!


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