Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Llama Llama

So, my biology teacher said he was going o bring in some of his Llamas and Alpacas into class today. And he did!

He actually raises and breeds and does research with them on his farm. He said he's got nearly 200 altogether of the various breeds. Picasso is one of his favorite. It was just so unreal to see them all in the classroom--which is in the back of the library no less!

Picasso (alpaca), Bodie (llama), and I can't remember the other name (a surrey) .

My biology teacher is the best. I may hate bio, but he definitely made it easy and fun. AND, he cancelled our final. nice huh!! I got an A+! and now i only have 3 finals to study for! W00t w00t!!

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