Monday, November 05, 2007

Sunday Dinner with Friends

Yesterday, Scott, Me, Steve, Al and his gf, Steph, went to West Jordan to have dinner with some family friends--The Claytons. There older daughter, Jessika, was visiting from North Dakota for about a month and I haven't seen her since the summer of 2006 and sporatically before then. We were pretty good friends when I was in high-school and she's only a year younger than me.

It was fun to hang out, eat good food and oh yes, play Taboo. Unfortunately the boys beat the girls--even though we outnumbered them by 1 (though they did sneak in an extra turn) Scott was a very good player--describing successfully four or five cards in a turn which ultimately allowed the icky boys to win.

All in all it was very fun, and I hope to see Jessika more. She may be coming back for six months when her husband goes off to Guam next year. I'm sure we'll hang out more then! Si x months is a long time! I'm so glad I didn't marry a military man!

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